Barrett Family

You know those Facebook friends you once crossed paths with but haven't seen in ages? Turns out it can be so fun to reconnect in real life! Kim and I went to the same church years ago, and I would catch glimpses of her life on my FB feed every so often. Historically, I'm terrible at staying up to date on the happenings of social media. Like, very bad at it. So it was basically a miracle that I saw Kim post about needing some family photos in New Bern, where we've been going a lot recently for engagement sessions.

She and her husband have three of the cutest girls you ever did see, and are about to welcome their baby BOY into the world in a few weeks! Thankfully we were able to coordinate schedules to sneak their session in...we only had about 20 minutes, but I think we got a lot done :) Enjoy some of my favorites!!